Hiking and National Park Guide

Farmhouse accommodation Casentino in the National Park of Casentino Forests, Arezzo, Tuscany

Hiking and National Park Guide

On foot in the Casentino Forest National Park

The Lucatello Agritourism is found at only 5 minutes for the Institutional headquarters for the Casentino Forest National Park.

The owner, Maura Lucatello, is an environmental guide and excursionist, esclusively for Casentino Forest National Park, Montefalterona and Campigna.

She is able to give information, advice, maps, pubblications for various itineraries, paths and hikes in the park territory of the Casentinese area.

You can request a personalized trip. Also available for the disabled and large groups or for families with small children.

Casentino Forest National Park

A naturalistic paradise between two regions, where wolf is back to hunt deer and roe deer. A green oasis, where for centuries monk communities has been cultivating silence.

This is the greenest park in Italy, covering forests for about 80% out of its surface and the whole area is plenty of water courses. These rivers that cross Romagna valleys are called Bidente, Rabbi and Montone. As far as Tuscan part is concerned, there are small courses on the left side of river Arno, such as the streams called Staggia, Fiumicello and Archiano.

At Ridracoli, where you may find one of the several museum of the park, since 1982, it has been creating an artificial storage because a dike built to give energy to the villages of the valley. Nowadays there you may easily find several species of birds. The sight of Acquacheta Falls are even more charming – they are described in Dante's Hell; Chant XVI - or those in Scalandrini and so on. In winter they also turn into wonderful frost traceries.

Flora is quite various and rich: indeed there are about 1200 species. In the warmest and driest areas there are also some Mediterranean species to add those – more renowned – that are in Europe. But to botanists, these woods are full of discoveries, as the recent evidences of a rare fern and a new orchid may confirm.

In the Park, apart the numerous species of animals, four ungulates live there: roe deer, deer, fallow deer and wild boars. There are about 5000 roe deer in the whole area of the Park.

In the Park, apart the numerous species of animals, four ungulates live there: roe deer, deer, fallow deer and wild boars. There are about 5000 roe deer in the whole area of the Park.

Roe deer exemplars are few because of the predation by wolf and also because of harsh winters and the contests of deer. Fallow deer has been introduced since 1835 because Grand Duke Leopoldo II's hunting.

Then, it has been reproducing and above all, in the lowest parts of Romagna area of the Park. Nowadays, farmers hate the fallow deer for the damages it causes in the fields. Also moufflon was introduced during the 50's and 60's by the Corps of foresters, but nowadays it seems it has been vanished for its weak adaptability in the environment and after the coming back of wolf, it has also become a desirable prey.

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